Boudin Room

Traditional food culture and electronic music
Category Clubbing
Working with Since 2016
Territory Europe

After over a decade studying and practicing business law and financial markets Simon Bomans decided to restart everything from scratch. Becoming a butcher was more than leaving everything behind, it was about building new life perspectives focused on human contact and high-end products. The ambition was to create something where modernity meets traditional know-how.

Breaking boundaries between traditional food culture and electronic music is the very specific DNA of Boudin Room. Started in Brussels but eager to play everywhere the meat is tasty and the music scene fiery, Boudin Room is about getting people all around deejays during a real- time act of butchery. A new way to share things together. Simple things for simple people.



Boudin Room @ Dour Festival

Boudin Room live from Dour Festival.DC Salas B2B Surfing Leons for the next 4 hours !

Gepostet von Boudin Room am Samstag, 15. Juli 2017


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