Dour Festival

5 days of love & alternative music !
Category Festival Curation / Digital Content / PR
Working with Since 2000
Territory Dour, Belgium
Website Dour Festival

Alex Stevens has been working with Dour Festival since 2000. He is now Director of Programming, communication and part of the strategy for the best European alternative music festival with Mathieu Fonsny who joined the team in 2014 and is specialized in urban music curation.

Alex and Mathieu manage the line up with the help of Hugo and consultants Simon Bomans, Simon Médard, Alexandre Claass, Dj Lefto. About 250 acts are programmed by them over the 5 days of the festival. The overall capacity represent 45 000 goers per day.

Clara manage the promotion and international press relations. Loïc manage the Digital Content of the 5-day Dour Festival, gathering 45 000 goers per day. We also collaborate with the Five Oh agency on PR in the Netherlands.

Next edition: 15—19 July 2020




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